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Thread: RAMSES protocol but not Honeywell

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    Default RAMSES protocol used by non-Honeywell kit

    Some people may find this interesting, I have seen the RAMSES II protocol used by non-Honeywell kit.

    For a hobby, I am in the process of writing a python-based evohome controller.

    As part of this, I have found a set of kit that is nothing to do with Honeywell, but is compliant with the RAMSES II RF protocol.

    It is a ventilation system from Nuaire, and I have the following working (presumably related kit from Nuaire is also RAMSES II-compliant):
    - Ventilator (with heater)
    - 4-way switch
    - Humidity sensor

    New commands (not seen elsewhere by me) include: 12A0 (sensor_humidity), 22F1 (vent_switch), 31DA (vent_status) and 31E0 (vent_on_off).

    For example, here is a packet from the relative humidity sensor:
    045  I --- 32:168090 --:------ 32:168090 12A0 006 003C07A8049C
    Decoded payload (003C07A8049C):
    {'domain': '00', 'relative_humidity': 0.61, 'temperature': 19.71, 'dewpoint': 12.09}
    The python code to take the raw payload and create the JSON is:
        "domain": payload[:2],
        "relative_humidity": int(payload[2:4], 16) / 100,
        "temperature": int(payload[4:8], 16) / 100,
        "dewpoint": int(payload[8:12], 16) / 100,
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