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Thread: TP-Link smart bulb control using geofencing ?

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    Default TP-Link smart bulb control using geofencing ?

    In our back porch we have a TP-Link smart bulb which is Wifi connected and has both a schedule and is linked to Alexa...

    As the location of the switch for the porch light is very inconvienient (it's in the kitchen, so you can't get to the switch when approaching a dark house until you've already been through the dark porch and tripped over in the dark ) we have a schedule that turns on soon before leaving for work and turns off soon after leaving for work and also turns on for us before we come home.

    However we're frequently late home and find the light has already gone off. I can launch Kasa on my phone to turn it back on remotely but that's not particularly convienient either when everyone is impatient to get inside.

    What I would like is some sort of Smart Phone based Geofencing system with flexible customisability that can detect when we leave and approach the house.

    The idea is that a schedule would turn the bulb on soon before we leave for work, however geofencing would turn the bulb off once my phone is about 2 miles from home. And it should only turn on if it is dark at that time of the year at that time of day.

    Then in the evening it would turn back on once I come within a 2 mile radius, and then about 10 minutes after we are home (perhaps based on WiFi geofencing
    to know that I am actually in the house and not nearby ?) it would turn off again. Once again it should only turn on when we approach the house if it's dark by that time - no need for it to come on during broad daylight in the summer.

    Optionally I would also like to be able to receive a push notification on my phone when actions that turn on or off the light take place - such as informing me that the light has turned on when I'm within 2 miles of home.

    TP-Link smart devices can link with IFTTT and IFTTT has geofencing in the iPhone app but from memory the flexibility of designing your own control scenario is very limited to basic "modules" that aren't very configurable or flexible.

    I guess what I really need is some service like IFTTT that has an iPhone app that supports feeding geofencing data to a cloud service and receiving push notfications AND supports some kind of flexible scripting language to achieve what I would like, including calculating whether it is currently day or night at a given time of year.

    Can anyone recommend any services that are a bit more flexible and nerdy than IFTTT which will integrate with TP-Link smart controls and bulbs ?
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