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Thread: Evohome HR92 <--> central panel communication, can we hack it?

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    Default Evohome HR92 <--> central panel communication, can we hack it?


    I have the Evohome controlling my hous' heating, but I miss a few features and I am very (to?) consious about privacy, what connections we have, data we share, etc. I am working on my own smart home systems using the technology and concepts of Candle ( So, I am wondering if someone is working on tapping into the wireless communication between the HR92s and the control panel. If so, give me a shout. I am working on a central control module as per the Candle filosophy. I am also looking into replacing the HR92 inners to enable the integration, but if that is not required it would make this endevour easier.



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    There's already a good understanding of the RF protocol in use, see

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    Hugo, if you're 'consious about privacy', then evohome is *not* for you - all the RF traffic is sent in clear text!

    You'd be better off (and cheaper kit) using z-wave TRVs/thermostats/relays (or zigbee, or maybe even bluetooth).

    For a reference, and if you're good with Python:

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