Hi I built myself a propagator, dimention overall is 1200mmx500mm and 300mm in height. It is in two, a base made of ply and the top made of perspex. I was told all that was required to heat it was a room stat fitted inside at an end with a cable from the stat round the inside to a baton holder and a 60watt bulb. I bought a second hand stat and the prob was it didn't cut out at the required temp. though when I turned the dial it switched off and on. Anyway I have bought a new stat a sunvic tlx 2259 with switch rating. Does anyone no if the idea should work and how do I get the two set of wires in the back of the stat. I am now getting desparate as I am due to start off some seeds soon. I promised to start of some for other people to which is the bigger prob.
jock_edin (willie)