I am hoping to do a new install of Evo Home and I am in need of some advice.

The installation is as follows:

- Oil Fired system boiler heating an unvented hot water cylinder and heating loop;

- Normal radiators installed across 8 room/zones;

- The distance between the boiler, where the BDR91s will be installed, and the inside of the house where the central control unit will be is about 10m and two brick walls;

I plan to install 8x HR92 Radiator Controllers and the hot water controller; I am assuming that the HR92 controller will act as effective thermostats and you don't need anything else in the room;

Is communication between the central control unit and the BDR91s often a problem at this kind of distance and through walls?

Is there any thing else I've missed or any new evo home products to be aware of?

I'd be really grateful for any thoughts or advice.