I know that Hue bulbs and other Smart Bulbs cannot be dimmed using a standard dimmer switch, because they reduce voltage to dim bulb which smart bulbs don't like.

but, is there a way to use the fibaro Dimmer 2 with a retractive switch that would turn on/off a hue bulb without dimming it and use the hue app to change colours and dim etc? Wondered if there was a way to just use it to turn on /off maybe use the switch to send signal to hub to dim turn on/off instead of reduce voltage.

I would want a retractive switch as its a 2 way switch controlling wall lights and centre light, only interested in putting a coloured hue bulb in wall lights, but want the centre to be controlled by fibaro dimmer 2 on a retractive switch.

I don't like the Philips Hue switches and want a 'normal' light switch so I can just turn on/off as normal