I'd like to ask for a bit of advice about smart hubs and light bulbs. I'm struggling to decide which smart hub to buy to go with my 4 Amazon echos, 3 neostat/heat-miser thermostats (for underfloor heating), a nest thermostat and a nest protect (smoke alarm). I'd like to get a hub that can work well with the above devices and work with cheaper smart light bulbs without the need for an additional bridge. If that isn't possible, what else might people suggest?

My original intention had been to buy a smartthings hub and some cheaper innr light bulbs to work with it, avoiding the need to buy expensive Phillips bulbs and bridge. However, I've read that it's difficult, or even impossible, to set up nest devices with smartthings. I probably made a mistake in migrating my nest account to google which may mean its impossible to combine my nest products with smartthings.

Any input would be appreciated.