My heating plan consist of ufh and radiotor valves. I would like to log the demand of ervery zone. When I used the stable versin 4.9700 of Domoticz all worked fine. I saw the temperatures for the different zones and also the heat demand switches (relays) for the ufh valves en the radiotors (see the printscreen where the woonkamer, keuken, bijkeuken, pantry, slaapkamer, werkkamer and badkamer are the ufh zones).

In later versions I only see the relay switches for the radiator valves. Now I have a suspicion why. In later versions of domoticz you have to fill in the controller id when you are adding te hardware HGI80 for USB. Although the manual says it is optional, it isn't. When I leave the field blank no devices are showing up at all (nor temperatures or relays).

Suddenly I came up with the idea to add another hardware device for the HGI80 where I filled in the id code for for example the underfloor woonkamer relay. (new users can't do that, but i had the old print screen where i could the id's for all the relays): and yes, now the relay was showing up. But this is not a solution. The two HGI80 hardware devices are conflicting with each other. Sometimes one of them stops or the temperaturs or relays aren't updated anymore.

Is there possibility to alter the code so that the controller id is realy optional. Or maybe there is another solution. print screen.jpg