I have a L and G G470 Gas Smart Meter installed at my property. The meter (not the IHD) keeps stopping; ie, it fails to record usage. After a few hours/day, it starts recording again. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I have reported it to my supplier but they seem not to be that interested. My guess is that a component in the meter (transducer perhaps) is failing. That said, I had a further thought overnight.

My gas meter is on an external wall separated from my study by brick; insulating foam; breeze block and drywall boarding. As luck would have it my router is located almost immediately behind the meter box. Connected to the router is a wired automated home bridge that communicates to various components around my home via radio at 868MHz. There are no issues with these components and the IHD is happily communicating with the comms unit attached to my SMETS2 electricity meter. Can I safely rule out component interference as a simple cause of the meter problems? When the gas meter does decide to record usage, this shows up on the IHD.