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Thread: Linux Ubuntu Server HA System

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    Default Linux Ubuntu Server HA System

    Hi to everyone,

    Total newbie here looking for some advice please so thank you to all who reply in advance.

    So, I am running an Ubuntu Server which I have my own intelligent communications software running which allows me to have IP and SIP devices connected such as SoftClients and HardClients. As this has SQL & PHP installed I have a web interface and Android app running. I have built logical relay controllers from scratch that when they get an input will control things like lights etc. The interface also controls garage doors and monitors if lights or doors are open. If the system sees an open door, if not deactivated because I have opened the garage door for example, out of my SIP device I can play a recording such as angry dogs barking or basically any WAV file. So all doing what I want it to do so far.

    My next step is to expand to controlling market place devices such as Z-Wave light switches etc and this is where I am am looking for some advice please?

    I understand to control such devices I need some sort of USB Gateway stick. I know there is a lot of PI solutions out there which I don't want to use as I already have my control interface within the Ubuntu Server.

    Please can anyone recommend a USB Gateway stick that has the ability to connect my server to different HA manufacturer wireless devices and that doesn't require any licensing, as the UZB does, so I am not tied down to one manufacturer please? Also upon the choice of stick a website for API / SDK integration using PHP code? I also have LUA available to use but prefer the PHP route.

    I have attached an image of part of my interface just FYI.

    Look forward to advice and thank you again.


    TrickyHA 1.jpg

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    I Guess this forum is no longer used

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