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Thread: evohome - "Cancel override" option on iPhone app

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    Question evohome - "Cancel override" option on iPhone app

    we recently installed the evohome Connected thermostat pack in our house. Configured all the zones and the schedule per zone. On the wall-mounted panel, when I click on a zone tile, I get an option to "Cancel override" (when the default schedule is manually overridden). I find this a handy & quick option to switch back to the default temperature. See picture - the black button at the bottom of the screen.


    However, I don't see such an easy option on the iPhone app. It takes multiple steps:
    1) Click on zone tile
    2) Click on Target temperature
    3) Adjust temperature (you have to recollect what's the default temp)
    4) Click on "Set until" and choose a time
    5) Click on Activate

    Am I missing something?

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    In the app select the zone, then click the temperature. Then the black clock at the bottom. Then click cancel.

    You don't need to set the default temp.

    But that red cancel isn't intuitive. It looks like it's just to cancel that screen.


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    Thanks. It seems to work. And I agree, neither the clock nor the big red Cancel button are intuitive!!

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