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Thread: Alternative to / replacement for Evohome ?

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    Default Alternative to / replacement for Evohome ?

    In the light of this thread:- what alternatives are there to Evohome?

    When I installed my system I spent hours researching it, and, generally speaking, I have been delighted with Evohome. What concerns me is the lack of enhancement to the product in recent years, and what has already been written in the other thread with regard to Resideo.

    I don't think I am going to rip out my 12 zone system before Summer, but I may well consider replacing it before the next heating season as I don't want to be locked in to a product which is no longer supported or marketed by Honeywell/Resideo.

    Ideally I would like a system which offers more, rather than less, functionality than Evohome. It may well be that one should be patient to see what is coming to the market, and not be an Innovator or Early Adopter, but at 77 years of age I can't afford to wait too long!


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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it?!? It's a mature, solid, first class functional product that others are trying to re-invent. What additional functionality are you looking for?

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    There's lots of new, shiny, pretty things on the market, but I've not heard of any that are as good or as reliable as Evohome.

    All depends what you need, I guess. But for me comfort and reliability are the main factors, and over-ride the ugly kit and clunky looking displays.

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    As others have said if it Ain't Broke don't fix it!

    I set and forget my Evohome and it works flawlessly! Even if it was unsupported I don't see why it would make me change if the system still works.

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    I often forget to look at the Control Panel these days. It just works if you leave it alone. I would prefer it though if I got an email telling me when a device’s batteries are getting low and which device, as I do with Evohome Security. I avoid the issue though by changing batteries once a year, they are cheap enough to do that. Elsewhere in this forum Rameses has written to inspire us with confidence for a good future!

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    why do you feel that the evohome is no longer marketed or supported?

    i would assure you that it is very much marketed and supported, and some interesting firmware upgrades are in the final stages of beta test and about to go into production
    I work for Resideo, posts are personal and my own views.

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