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    Sorry been away - other stuff etc. So dipping in.

    evohome is still being developed, supported and marketed. It is still a best seller for us across 20+ counties (ironically part of the challenge, as we have been launching it across Europe and beyond) and our best performing thermostat. I have seen the phrase 'if it ain't broke . . ' which is kind of true. Many other countries in the last few years (especially eastern regions) have benefitted. That said, even if it isn't broke, we do understand the need to maintain it and help carry on the investment. So we are sympathetic to the recent posts and I hope the following post helps.

    We cannot go into to many details. But I am posting this thread to this loyal group to give some future insight - especially when I read some of the recent posts. Some of it maybe not new news but what we give is as much as we can give right now.

    One thing is resolute throughout this - we don't treat home heating systems in fast and careless way. So even the most basic development which is invisible to the outside world is security and stress tested in ways which you cannot imagine. (Keeping up with just the home partner API's (Google / Amazon etc) is fulltime job alone) We don't want to lose the trust of millions of users we have. So every development is carefully considered.

    We are proud to still have what we believe is the most reliable, secure and best performing system which customers 6+ years on still can claim was a great investment. Investing 1000+ in a heating system, shouldn't be considered the same as a bi-annual shiny phone. If you want something to play with and change every six months, evohome probably isn't the right product for you.

    Anyway here is some news.

    Yup lots of app stuff happening - short story - we are working to one global app experience. Which covers the whole home (not just temp) experience, and it globally adoptable, across languages. This will make data management, home management and other development benefits available to all. So for existing software and notification updates development on platforms soon to be made redundant are not planned, for obvious reasons.

    evohome firmware
    The team are working on the next big update. They have been working with feedback from the forum along with other feedback/research in the field to see how to improve the performance of what is already best in class leveraging nearly 6 years' worth of continued insight. I can disclose the updates will be around 2 main visible areas, Zone Scaling (name TBC) and Weather Compensation. Dev team are in final testing and hoping to have a roll out in Q2 (once we captured full season testing / change patterns and across all countries). It will launch when its ready.

    evohome - hardware
    Can't say a lot. But our mantra has been to make sure people carry on and realise their investment where possible. So we are developing 'satellite' add-ons which will help evohome to integrate into the new energy control spaces (heat pumps etc)

    We have spent A LOT in developing our support mechanisms - so please utilise the support team (03001301299) - if you need it. We don't sell evohome directly. So going through your trusted installer / professional should be first port of call if you bought via that route. We invest in training heavily so they are there to assist and advise.

    PS Due to job - I rarely read this forum as much as I would like. There are some other fantastic people on here which I see sponsor evohome as much as I do. To those people we thank you. You are heroes.
    PPS In same vein - I love getting messages - but due to job / time zone etc - I am unable to reply (or even read).
    PPPS These views are my own and not formally Resideo's. I share what information I have in good faith and in an effort to help and encourage. All information could change and is subject to outside forces.
    PPPPS Fun video -
    Last edited by Rameses; 6th January 2020 at 01:25 PM. | I work for Honeywell. Any posts I make are purely to help if I can. Any personal views expressed are my own

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