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Thread: Temperature differential between rad sensors and wall sensors

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    The built in temperature sensor of the Evotouch always reads a bit high due to internally generated heat
    Wasn't there also an issue with the heat produced by charging the internal batteries of the EVO or is this what you mean?

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    Charging the batteries probably generates additional heat but if the unit is left on the charger the batteries are rarely charging as they sit fully charged most of the time.

    The always on display backlight, cpu and various other chips on the board all generate heat continuously. Not much but enough to cause a temperature offset on the built in sensor, however you can adjust the calibration in 0.1C steps so if you have another thermometer to compare it against you can calibrate it quite well.

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    While we can deal with the extra heat generated by the components by using the offset, the thing that is really inconvenient is how slow the system is to return to the correct temp once it's been handled. It literally takes over an hour to stabilize. So I went ahead and bought another TR87 and I'll be using this instead of the touch panel.

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