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has anyone figured out evohome opentherm r8810 with a worcester boiler yet? tried the nefit converter couldn't control the boiler firing so went back to bdr91. I too was trying to improve cycling/efficiency I've since changed some settings and seeing how it goes.
With the nefit converter are you able to see variable Target Flows being set for the boiler based on OT? Because the work around which I previously used when I too couldn't get my Vaillant to fire with the R8810 was to set up the system with OT for boiler control and then a 2 zone valve configuration on Evohome. So Evohome would open the CH Valve using a BDR91 and then I would use the zone valve micro switch to fire the boiler, while the R8810 was dynamically setting the Target temperature.
This all worked quite well, till I figured out how to get the R8810 to fire the boiler directly.