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Thread: Need for a Bypass Radiator

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    Default Need for a Bypass Radiator

    I have just had a new boiler and radiators installed. The boiler is a Vokera Synergy condenser boiler and all radiators have TRVs with the exception of one radiator in the hall where the room thermostat is located. This is the bypass radiator. It may be that through time and familiarisation I can balance out the heating but just now it seems to be coming in bursts because of the reaction of the bypass radiator with the room thermostat.

    The installation guide mentions that the boiler has an automatic bypass and that there is no requirement for an external bypass. Does this mean that there is no need for the bypass radiator?

    If the bypass radiator is still required does it need to be in the room with the thermostat or could I change it to the bathroom radiator which stays on all the time in any event?

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    Default Re: Need for a Bypass Radiator

    You can certainly change the location of your bypass radiator. Most are usually fiited in bathrooms. And are normally a smallish radiator. It might be worth just making sure that it really doesn't need the bypass. And if it doesn't then you can fit a TRV to the one in the hall.
    My system which is based on a Junkers Combi boiler doesn't need a bypass radiator, as it has an auto bypass system built in.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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