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Thread: Service issues 24th Jan 2020 - Honeywell Home & Resideo

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    Default Service issues 24th Jan 2020 - Honeywell Home & Resideo


    This is being posted out on social channels.

    We are experiencing intermittent issues with our services which affect some of our connected Smart Thermostats. In some cases users are unable to remotely change the temperature or register new devices. Partner integrations (such as IFTTT, Amazon, Google) may also be affected. Local operation is not affected.
    Security and Water-related products are not affected by these issues. Our engineers are working to resolve this as soon as possible, we appreciate your patience. | I work for Honeywell. Any posts I make are purely to help if I can. Any personal views expressed are my own

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    Very many thanks Rameses.

    There are quite a few comments about this here:-

    I'll say no more !


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