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Thread: Nest vs Honeywell vs Hive

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    Default Nest vs Honeywell vs Hive

    I am thinking of having my plumber change my thermostat from a unsubtle mechanical model to a Electronic one

    I am very confused though.

    Its a house so old it pre-dates cavity walls so have big bills and hot and cold spots.

    so as In understand it, the key points are

    * Nest learns but doesn't have an obvious option for radiator valves
    * Hive has native radiator valves but doesn't learn
    * Honeywell has native radiator valves but doesn't learn, charges extra for controlling water but can run standalone if we lose internet or the servers are no longer around

    I am very confused, what is the latest thought on which is the one to go for?

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    Honeywell learns the heat characteristics of your room, which is more useful that Nest learning when you are home! You can get Nest like functionality on Honeywell too using services like IFTTT

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    If I did not have the honeywell electronic TRVs and just wanted a House single thermostat and boiler control I would not use Evohome. I think the Nest/Hive look better and have better functionality. But if you think you will add trv's later, go for evohome
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