Hi peeps,
Long time lurcher, first time poster.
I have got 2 evohome (non WiFi) touchscreens, 4 HR92 radiator valves, 3 BDR91ís & 3 zone valves (2 port valves) & a gateway.

What Iím trying to achieve is the 4 radiator valves control 1 BDR to bring on the boiler & the appropriate zone valve if any of them call for heat for the upstairs heating cct.

1 of the touchscreens as a thermostat to control 1 of the other BDR to bring on the boiler & appropriate zone valve for the downstairs heating cct.

And finally the last touchscreen As another thermostat to control the 3rd BDR to bring on the boiler, open the appropriate zone valve & bring on the UFH on the 3rd heating cct.

Is this possible because I canít seem to bind it all together & make it work.

Thanks in advance to anybody that might be able to help.