So recently into a new old house after doing some traveling.... in the last house just before we sold we replaced Idratek with Lightwave RF (Gen 1) as weren't sure how saleable it would be with Idratek. The wife absolutely loved the Lightwave sockets and light switches and for basic automation and retro fit it worked well.

I am now deciding what to put in the new house to add some automation. We are not rewiring so it is retrofit only. The functionality of z Wave appeals but the total lack of UK replacement sockets and light switches seems to be a killer. I saw on Vesternet that there is the Homey device which can do both z Wave and Lighwave (although need to confirm if it supports Gen 2 devices). So there is the option to use the Lightwave socket/switches as drop in for the the current switches and then for the additional automation requirements use some z Wave devices. We have Honeywell Evohome as a heating solution.

Anyone used a Homey (search of Automated home shows nothing) or are there any other options worth considering?