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Thread: Help needed wiring a thermostat

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    I plan to relocate the base station from the lounge (where there's no neutral feed in the wiring to the old conventional thermostat, just a live that the old thermostat switched on) to the utility room where I can easily "feed" the base station with live and neutral so that it works properly and then the base can switch on the boiler.

    Remember that the wireless thermostat allows you to not just relocate the temperature sensing portion of the thermostat but you can also move the base station to very near the boiler.

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    Default Re: Help needed wiring a thermostat

    Thanks for the info.
    I found it very complicated so I just returned the unit and am looking for a two wire combi connection and a seperate power for the base RF unit.

    I wish you good luck with your wiring.



    Quote Originally Posted by rebroad
    Hi. I have exactly the same problem. I bought the T105 not realising that the 240V output is not useable with my combi boiler.

    My combi boiler has a circuit that needs to be opened and closed, rather than fed with a voltage.

    A possible solution would be to purchase a relay that is 240V powered, and connect this to the circuit on the combi.

    Alternatively, you could remove the relay from the T105 (it's a "Massuse ME-11"), so that when it opens and closes it's connected directly to the circuit on your boiler rather than one end of it being connected to 240V live.

    The first solution is probably better in order to avoid needing to take the T105 apart, but with the 1st solution you need to be careful in that you'll have 240V of electricity somewhere in your combi that wasn't there previously (and therefore not necessarily adequately protected from water, etc).

    Hope this makes sense.


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