I have had Evohome for over a year and it has been working flawlessy...until I tried to add the hot water kit tonight?
No matter what I seemed to select the Bolier relay BDR91 and the seperate hot water BDR91 seemed to merge when testing the RF?

I had originally an S+ system with a zone valve for upstairs and a zone valve for downstairs and a valve for the heating.

I converted it to a valve for the hot water with a Honeywell timer type controller - disconnected the wiring to the heating valves and wired them open.
I then have a BDR91 operating as a boiler relay.

I searched for an hour trying to locate a wiring diagram for what I need but at a loss - any pointers?
I need to keep the motorised valve for the water of course - so I cant see the option I need. Boiler Relay and single 2port valve?

[I did at one time have a BDR91 connected to the heating zone valves but that seemed to break the BDR91 so I converted to a boiler relay setup]

I am happy to adjust the pipework if I need to but please do remember I have 2 pipes - 2 zone valves for the heating, they are next to each other; if I had to introduce one valve for heating [feeding the 2 pipe zones] and one for water.

Thank you in advance