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Thread: Honeywell wireless thermostat for electric heater

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    Default Honeywell wireless thermostat for electric heater

    Just a question on behalf of a colleague....

    Does Honeywell do a standalone single zone wireless thermostat which is designed for an electric radiator and has a built in weekly schedule ?

    Something like a DTS92E or YT87RF in appearance but with a weekly schedule (I don't think the YT87RF does scheduling without an internet connection and RFG100 ?) and a relay like a BDR91 but rated for a full 13 amps for switching a 3kW wall mounted electric radiator in an office environment...

    The idea is to have scheduling to schedule the radiator for office hours, yet at the same time give the accurate temperature control of a remotely mounted TPI thermostat, vs the horrendously inaccurate and guesswork thermostat built into the radiator itself.... As it's an electric radiator a shorter TPI cycle time would be preferable as well, as the default 10 minute cycles designed for wet heating systems are a bit long for a low lag (convection) electric element which both heats and cools very quickly.
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