I purchased 12 HR92s in 3 packs of 4 about 6-7 months ago but only recently got around to installing them as we were renovating the house. 11 of them are working fine but one seems faulty, this is on a towel rad in the bathroom and the zone was showing 30 degrees with a setpoint of 21. The radiator was on full.
I've carried out some quick diagnostics, the TRV body is fine and closing the black wheel in the HR92 base manually closes off the radiator fine, the HR92 is displaying an E2 fault which as I understand it means a motor/gearbox problem. If I take the HR92 head off, engage the lock and then wait for the valve cycle I see the black cog move maybe a quarter turn and then it displays E2, so it definitely seems to be an issue with the body itself as it happens even when not fitted to the base. I have tried fresh batteries and the problem persists.
From a quick google I can see that Honeywell state a 12 month warranty for these but I can't seem to find any information on how to actually claim against it. Does anyone know where I can find how to raise a warranty claim with Honeywell?