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Thread: Temp gets stuck in one room - help!

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    Default Temp gets stuck in one room - help!

    Hi there,

    Have noticed recently that when I set Evohome to heat my main bedroom - it never seems to turn off.

    So - set to 18 until 2030 and when it reaches half eight - nothing happens. I then have to manually lower the temp and go '15 at 2045' and then we're good until the next day.

    Can anyone explain why this is and what, if anything to do?



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    This has happened to me once on a HR80 where it wouldn't take on setpoints. Had to reset the HR80, clear the binding and pair it back on.

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    This can also happen with a comms fault and I have seen this on my system once or twice. Unfortunately when evohome tells an HR92 to change temperature it doesnt check the HR92 received it. It just assumes it did. So the HR92 sits at its previous temperature in complete ignorance. From that point onwards some weird stuff can happen. Sometimes the HR92 sends its setpoint info back to evohome. Given they are now different then evohome interprets this as though someone manully adjusted the valve temp - so evohome change its setpoint to match and displays the "manual" symbol. It all corrects itself when the next scheduled temp change happens on evohome and the HR92 gets it. You can do an RF check on evo and HR92 if you want to check the signal is poor. I fixed this on the problem room I had by connecting a 1m usb phone charging cable to port on the side of the HR92 (underneath the small plastic cover). This acts like an aerial and improved the signal.

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