Help for the ignorant please. Although by now I ought to know the answer anyway.

I will be changing my boiler and replacing my radiators before long. I will go for the Intergas ECO RF36, or its better, more efficient brother, the Intergas Extreme 36. Naturally I want to keep my Evohome gear. When I installed Evohome the boiler connection was relatively easy. The Control Panel replacing the old original thermostat. The relay for the CH connects to the same points that the old thermostat used to. In effect the relay replaces the thermostat for the purposes of switching the boiler, valve and pump on and off. Thus the relay, so far as the boiler is concerned, is the thermostat. With Intergas, connecting up the relay (BDR91), is it just as simple or is there more to it I need to be mindful of? As the boiler is a condensing one then my HW relay and valve will all go.