We are renovating a flat. It will have 3 electric underfloor pads in separate rooms and conventional radiators fed from a communal heating system in other spaces.

I have been trying to find a smart control system that will integrate sensible control of the electric UFH and smart TRVs. I do not want to use Honeywell / Residio's Evohome as its control of electric UFH is basic (and limits the choice of mat), it has quirky connectivity, is in a technological cul de sac and is apparently not being developed or invested in (a pity as I have used it in two properties successfully).

I have looked for alternatives but none seem to combine good underfloor control with smart TRVs (eg. Heatmiser, Warmup) or if they do smart TRVs they don't do electric underfloor well or at all (Vaillant, Lightwave, Evohome).

Is there any other system I should consider or if I want smart control do I need to have two systems and try to integrate switching by IFTTT or some other means?