I presume that information relating to configuration should remain on the controller and not be in the app - potentially for security reasons. The app should remain for the user rather than the installer in my opinion. Users shouldn’t need to bother themselves with details of what’s going on behind the scenes..

However, it does concern me that Evohome is being left behind - the controller looks old fashioned compared with its competitors, and the app is somewhat lacking in terms of basic aesthetics - the iPad has been around for 11 years yet the app still appears fixed in portrait mode as a small rectangle in the centre of the screen. Very annoying, and in most cases I delete iPad apps that have been neglected that much.

Having read about the incompatibility of the Lyric T6 with evohome due to evohome not using encrypted communication protocols, I assumed that Honeywell would be working on a modern version of evohome, with encrypted compatible communication, HomeKit support, modern aesthetics. When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 with a highly responsive capacitative touch screen ever since then it has made devices with resistive touch screens seem old fashioned.

Seeing how long this firmware update is taking to release it concerns me that Honeywell aren’t agile enough to keep up with newer competitors in the market such as Nest. Whilst I fully support the idea of a heating system being a long term investment, and for firmware to be thoroughly tested, the rate of progress with evohome is so slow that I suspect they will fail to get the market share they should be looking for by making it look like a neglected product even compared with their own Lyric T6. Honeywell should really be making the most of increased awareness of climate change and the need for energy efficiency but it seems that they’re not.