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    Don't think this is news to many of us here, but certainly good to see a publication around how to increase the efficiency of heating systems

    "Today we have published research that reveals advanced heating controls can reduce gas use by 10-12% amid record hikes in gas prices. Read our
    press release here
    view the results here
    #heatingcontrols #NetZero"

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    Thanks for this. Helpful.

    In January I added 200mm insulation in the loft as before I had what was the standard 100mm being the regulation at the time the house was built. In February I replaced my old boiler with an Intergas Exclusive 36kW. Out went the hot water tank. I had installed Evohome in December 2014. Until February I needed two BDR91s. Now I don’t need any as one I no longer need (DHW) and the other I replaced with the OpenTherm Bridge. I set the boiler to 70c for CH and the power for the boiler at 6.4kW. To date I have used 2,682.92 kWhs less gas. This includes January before the boiler change. So I will have used slightly less if I factor in the fact January is included. Yet we had a cold Spring and the last few weeks have been cold. Before the change the radiators were often too hot to touch. Now they are not yet the house is warmer and more balanced. Presumably the OT Bridge is regulating everything. I often see the CH hot water at a much lower temperature than 70c. I did try 65c but it took too long on cold days for rooks to warm up. 70c seems a nice balance.

    I have said it before but Evohome works very well, particularly with the OT Bridge and an Intergas boiler.

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