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Thread: HR92 or a deeper issue?

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    Default HR92 or a deeper issue?

    Occasionally , a single HR92 zone (Zone A) controlled by a wireless DT92 Thermostat seems to not call for heat as seen by the Controller stats display.
    The setup is hooked via a RFBee to Domoticz, so actuator and relays are logged.
    When the failure exhibits, it 'seems' to occur when another zone ( say Zone B) simultaneously calls for heat at the same scheduled set point change. When Zone B reduces its call to < 30% the demand on the CH relay drops to zero
    What I can't say is whether the controller ever saw a demand from Zone A ( since that data isn't exported or broadcast from the controller as far as I know, so can't be logged), certainly by the time I check it on failure it shows 0% from Zone A. The Domoticz logs show the HR92 Actuator set at 'On' and all the normal handshake activity on a schedule set point change.
    At this point:-
    The HR92 actuator at 101% ( via Domoticz) , the set point is 22 and the current temp is 19. HW priority disabled , no optimisation.
    The set point can be adjusted by the HR92 or DT92, though the demand at the controller remains 0%. RF Comms check is 5
    The 101 is also reported via the menu on the HR92.

    One way to recover is remove the HR92 head and reattach , once a Cycle completes everything works as expected. ( I suspect this is much the same effect as a reboot).

    Is this simply a HR 92 problem , or a controller bug?

    I have a spare HR92 that I plan to add as a 'desktop virtual radiator' to Zone A , so can see whether it is a zone issue ( aka controller) when / if the problem reappears.


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    Added in a second HR92 as a 'desktop virtual radiator' ... and rudely , the controller elected to take that as the sensor for the room displacing the existing DT92.
    Re binding the DT92 was required.

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