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I wanted to add some feedback a couple of of days ago regarding load scaling but have been rather tied up. Having run with Normal mode (on the basis of previous posts regarding what is deemed "well insulated" as my house is timber frame and has heat recovery ventilation ) and I also set the boiler to 70c (as recommended by DBMandrake) and I have found the house much more "stable" temperature wise regardless of the outside temp. Normally I have to keep adjusting my boiler temp dependant upon outside temperature (as not opentherm) but this is the first year I haven't and can just leave it up high and am not getting the usual overshoots or under temp issues so getting a "thumbs up" from me.
Would still be nice to have some feedback on the outside temperature "black box" process ?
What is your return flow water Temp ? 70C seems high for a modern highly insulated house.