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Through this thread in response to some of the issues found such as the manual zone override postponing hot water reheat you've stated "yes we're aware of this, it will be fixed in the public release" etc, can I ask in relation to this;

1) Is the public release finalised yet or is it still evolving and being tested internally in response to feedback and testing ?
2) Will there be another beta or perhaps a release candidate made available to all the testers here before the final release goes out to everyone ?

The reason I ask about number 2 is that last time we participated in a public beta a year or two ago some issues were found, reported, assurances were made that the problems reported were fixed and the final release then went out to all devices and still had some of the bugs that had been reported, and no "release candidate" of what was going to be pushed to everyone was provided for any public testing prior to it being sent out to all devices.

In this current round of testing there are many very significant and visible bugs in the current beta, (far more than the last public beta) and as someone who does quite a bit of debugging and testing on a couple of open source projects the thought of going straight from a beta with many known problem with the assurance that they will be fixed to a full public release with no further testing in between by the public testers who originally reported the problems makes me extremely nervous from a quality control perspective.

Given the various issues raised I would ideally hope to see a further beta version during this beta testing period which addresses some of the issues raised, (and the version number published so people know when they have received the newer beta version) and/or at the very least a release candidate of the proposed public release a few weeks ahead of the general rollout so that fixes to the various issues can be confirmed under the same test conditions that they were originally found and any last minute or missed bugs can be found and reported before going public.

So can you elaborate on how far along the internal builds are relative to our current beta version, roughly how much longer the public beta testing program is going to run for (given we're coming into warm weather soon so won't be able to do much testing when heating isn't needed) and whether testers will receive further beta versions and/or a release candidate during the public beta program significantly before any update goes live to the general public ?

As owners of Evohome systems we all have a vested interest in seeing the next general public release of the firmware being as solid and bug free as possible.
@DBMandrake The answer to 1 is Yes and yes. We were aware of some bugs and had already fixed some at time of release, these missed the cut for internal testing so could not be included in your release. Others we were still working on and will be included in the next version.
The decision was taken to release the current version in the knowledge that we have a second release coming up fast so we were a bit more inclined to let known bugs ride if they were thought to be low risk for (please don’t take this the wrong way) normal users.
We have taken note of several comment and there will be features you have requested in the next version. I’m not being cruel or teasing but unless they get through internal testing I won’t go into detail, please bear with us.
On point 2, we really hadn’t intended for the forum to be a pool of unpaid software test engineers, but do very much appreciate the effort you and others have put into this trial. Our normal practice is to put only finished products out for external field trial, with (hopefully) all the significant bugs ironed out. We are reviewing this and may be allowed to push to a limited number of sites at an earlier stage for the next release.