Hi All

Firstly we sincerely hope you are all staying safe. Unprecedented times.

As we posted a few months back we were working on an important update to the Evohome firmware which continues to grow the capability of the product and helps future generations of users. We have conducted our internal testing along with the security and other things we do. Key highlights are

  • Warm weather saver
  • Cold weather boost
  • Dynamic room scaling (for professionals)

Now we know you lot love to fiddle and play which is fine, it’s kind of what we want. But PLEASE don’t do anything which will bring your heating offline or something to reduce your comfort. If you are NOT confident and not familiar with the system, then we highly advise you do not engage in this live beta, which is exclusive to this forum.

Normal customer support will not be available for the functions listed here. Instead if you need support then we ask you post it in THIS thread so we can monitor and reach out accordingly.

To apply for the live beta – please visit this website https://getconnected.honeywellhome.c...ohomebetatrial and accept the terms and conditions. Any data monitoring we do is to help improve the performance and is held within our secure systems, as per normal. You have the right to opt out beta at any time. We apologise to our international customers, but the sign up form is in English only, however the beta firmware will work with any local language supported by Evohome.

This trial is open to end users, installer professionals or any of our Smart Home partners, but we are only mainly communicating this via the Automated Home forum, where we see biggest following and interested users.

After applying for the beta – you will receive a notification from our customer care team stating you have been successful (whilst we are going to try and accommodate everyone, we have to onboard over time). The email will have additional information and insights which will be able to tell you more about the functions and help provide you with a basis to then give feedback if asked. Please give us some reasonable time to respond.

In these challenging times, we really appreciate your ongoing support. We always aimed to make a home heating system that worked well, saved money, easy for a wide range or people to use, but offered more depth should people want – and most importantly lasted.
You are now part of that improvement process. We read the threads offering improvement suggestions and we honestly do evaluate everything, along with all the other input we get across the globe.

Support for this beta trail will come from ‘AndytheMinion’. Rameses is not lurking too much in these forums, but we still want to inform and help where we can.

Good luck, stay safe and thank you helping us continue to deliver what we still feel is the best heating system.

The Evohome team

PS Future FW updates are coming later this year. Heat pump support, Cooling, Heat/Cool change over (for professionals) will be a key feature, we hope to run a similar trial later in the year.