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We are looking to get our ancient Baxi Solo 2 PF 50 boiler replaced and after initially considering Worcester-Bosch, are now considering an Intergas so that we can use OpenTherm with our Evohome system. I've just been reading about priority domestic hot water, and the Intergas X plan etc. We will need to replace our old vented cylinder at some point.

With a new condensing boiler using OpenTherm - should we upgrade to the Evohome beta so we get PDHW now, or is the final release of the firmware that supports it imminent?

If Evohome can now achieve PDHW with firmware, is there any need to change our Y plan system? Would replacing the cylinder with one that heats much more quickly an important thing to do before using PDHW/condensing boilers?

Is Intergas the best boiler to use with Evohome, or can anyone recommend other brands to consider that have OpenTherm that works fully with Evohome?

I tried to get a discussion going on this (Combi boilers to work with Evohome) but, unfortunately, it got sidetracked into an admittedly fascinating discussion on hydrogen as a fuel.