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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
    Ally153, could we have a pseudocode or structured english (or other code view) of exactly what the o/s temp logic is as whilst it is "entertaining" myself and others such as DerekWilliamsUK reporting the inaccuracy of the evohome o/s temp value compared to what you are saying is the authoritative source (Accuweather) , my readings this morning show that it is no longer a simple polling issue as when evohome did update it used a value that Accuweather was not reporting for my area and was several degrees out.
    I completely agree with SteveP.

    My latest check at just after 11AM shows EVO now reporting 12*c (a BIG jump from previous 7*c) HOWEVER Accuweather APP is now reporting 16*c, so no match with EVO. Because of this slow/low reporting Evo still has Cold Weather Compensation ACTIVE (it is only set for the downstairs rooms), when it should have backed-off ages ago !!

    As for maintaining my requested Setpoints, EVO is doing a great job. My daytime default is 22*c across all zones (that's how my wife likes it). The Lounge Window area/zone (LoungeW) is lightly over due to the morning Solar effect.

    See attached for latest readings.
    EVO Screen.jpg Accuweather APP Screenshot.jpg
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