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I wonder if Andy the Minion has any news for us on when the next firmware release might be out ? Whether a release candidate of a public release or a further beta release ?

Looking back in this thread we've been testing the same beta version for about 2 months now which seems a reasonable amount of time, and with summer upon us many of us will not have need for heating and therefore will not really be able to test it much further in a real world scenario - due to the recent heat wave yesterday is the first time in over a week that I've had the heating on at all, apart from the occasional use of the bathroom radiator to dry towels, and hot water heating.

The current beta works well for me with one very annoying thorn in the side - the bug/misfeature (which we're told is already removed in later versions in internal development) where any manual override to a zone disables hot water reheating until all manual overrides are removed.

This can lead to hot water remaining cold and not being reheated for hours simply due to some zone in the house somewhere being adjusted manually, and this scenario has been happening to me a lot lately, so understandably I'm eager to move on to a newer version, whether a later beta or perhaps a release candidate. I think I've done all the testing I can possibly do on the current version.

Who's with me ?
I'm suffering with this too and could do with a new beta/update coming through. Actually struggling more with this after turning the heating off as we manually boost zones.