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Hi all,

Just enrolled here. Living in the Netherlands and thanks to this forum I got aware of the possibility to get a beta firmware installed with improved Heatpump control.

Since two weeks I am the owner of an hybrid heatpump (Remeha Elga Ace 6kW) and my search for improved “co-operation” between Evohome and a heatpump brought me here.

At the moment I have one question;
The new firmware has the option to add a heatpump, but it won’t allow to connect my BDR91 relais for it. From a (new?) manual of Evohome that I found, I understood I need a BDR91T relais. Seems to make sense, since I would expect that a Heatpump relais should at least have two contacts; one to heat and one to cool.

However I also found this website, from which I understand that from a specific production date on the BDR91 is the same as the BDR91T. Since my BDR91 relais is newer (date code end of 2019), I would expect that it is the same/similar to the BDR91T.

Anyone knows what’s the issue here?
Will there be a new BDR91T relais, or is this an issue for the beta firmware?

Edited: I just found this post as well. This tells there is (or will be) a new relais. Curious when it will be better available.
The BDR91T is available in the Netherlands but only since the new heatpump firmware was released. I would recommend having a conversation with NL tech support as I can't predict how a hybrid heatpump will be controlled internally. It could be Remeha have built a lot of internal logic into the appliance and maybe a simple opentherm connection from Evo is the best option
Regards AtM