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Thread: Evohome firmware Beta Trial - Exclusive for Automated Home Members

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    I'm new to the forum. Not sure if this is right thread but seems best place for feature discussion. I've got a fairly new Evohome system (2 infact) covering both wet rads and UFH, powered by combi boilers.

    Are there any immediate tweaks to default settings you recommend new users do?

    So far I've found it brilliant at rad temps with HR92s but UFH zones mostly overheat (ie I set to 21 and they get to and stay at 23 for a while). I've also found cold weather boost to be overheating rooms so have turned that off

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    Is this firmware now officially released, or do I have to request it?

    I'm having issues with my evohome and been advised there might be a big in my controller and a firmware update might fix it.

    I'm on 17.33 and resideo officially recognise 19.33 to be the latest version according to their FAQ pages but they don't seem to have pushed this out to all users.

    Honeywell need to take a leaf out of Drayton wiser books and do more regular updates

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    Contact them and ask them to push it out to you.

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