Iím trying to drag some of the tech in my house into the modern age!

I have a couple of Google minis, a few Chromecast audio and a Hive.

Unfortunately the house has a number of HomeEasy RF receivers buried in the walls to control the lights and also the plug-in sockets. I think there are 7 devices in the house in total using the old Home Easy system and a number of remote controls around the house to control them. Also unfortunately, the system actually works really well as we are not reliant on using smart phones nor having a reliable internet connection in order to control the lights but it would be really nice to also have the option to control the devices from Google Assistant/mobile

I have searched the forum and found a few references to hardware and software that might allow me to link the old to the new but all the threads are quite a few years old now and I wondered if anyone has any updated information on achieving this. I did get in touch with Lightwave last year (they used to make HomeEasy) and they were not able to give me any assistance other than a suggestion to try forums/Facebook.

I am also no stranger to Pi and Arduino and BangGood!

Thanks in advance