Hi All,

Running W10 on a Windows 10 LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) version. (old LTSB)

For a house that has every ceiling light controlled automatically. We've still got a few lamps that are stand alone and the missus has put on timers to come on at dusk, these are needing to be changed every few months. So this got me thinking if I could bridge in a non-cloud way to this lighting from the Idratek PC. I see that there is some Philips hue lighting support, but seeing that they're just about to brick the old hub, not sure if Cortex will work with the new one so find this all rather bizarre.

But was possibly thinking of going a little bit more divergent. I already have several PLC's controlling fish pond and a couple of new ones soon for the cat flap (rfid reading) and water harvesting. So was thinking of using some software such as openHAB. This will run on a Pi, it knows xPL to talk with Cortex, modbus to talk to the PLC's and PV array also the TP-Link KL60 E27 Wi-Fi Bulb that I've got in mind. This can be added onto the network without having to get the cloud involved as there is a way to use the app without logging onto the central server to add the lamp to the local wi-fi.

additionally later on I can add amplifier control and other things.

Any ideas please?