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I have been going through the irritating process of trying to get the batteries in the controller to accept a full charge. Something that I do not think the user should be expected to do. As part of this and to check it has worked, I have had the controller off the wall for some time and have taken the opertunity to see if the location has any affect on the loss of comms with the HW sensor. I have been unable to force a loss of comms, no matter where I place the controller in relation to the tank and pipework. It does not therefore look as though this is the cause of my occasional loss of comms. Maybe the sun spot hypothesis needs further investigation.
Aye, but the problem with the hypothesis is it affects long wave and short wave frequencies more and not so much VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies which is up where we are with this sort of gear. After 5.5 years I have not had a battery issue with the HR92s, nor really with the HW sensor, other than one HR92 needing its batteries changing every three months. I suspect the circuitry is faulty and not reading the amount of residual power in the batteries correctly as the batteries are fine when I take them out. Put another way, after three months the power drop, albeit slight, is enough for the HR92 to think the batteries need replacing when they donít. Where I have had an issue is the control panel. In the early days they often showed little or no power. Minor bending of the contacts resolved that but they donít hold their power for very long when you discount mains power from the panel.15 minutes if one is lucky and then, if not before then, it bleeps and shows little power left. I have not got round to replacing them with new rechargeables. I ought to.