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Thread: Media server ?

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    Default Media server ?

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using an mac mini as my “media centre” or if anyone was doing so yet ? I was looking at the 1.4Mhz version with 1g ram 80G HD and a dvd superdrive, with wireless lan and bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Some of the pro’s:-

    Cheaper (I can also get a decent discount and have some vouchers for apple)
    Small size, fits discreetly next to my TV, and can almost disspear
    Wont need monitor as well as TV in the living room, as will use with my TV in the short term
    Looking to upgrade my TV in the medium term to a lcd with DVI.
    Can use it to store my photos. Music and DVD collections, although I don’t have a huge DVD collection
    Memory might be a problem eventually, but could I get a NAS device to use with it ?
    Am also looking to get a Sonos, so I assume I could use my mac mini as the media server also ?
    No virus’s

    Will need to look at extra hardware for tv recording/.pvr type set up. Any recommendations woul dbe appreciated..
    Will need to figure out how to wire up to my surround sound system (I think they only have spkr outputs and not line level, which my surround sound system would need.
    Will need to figure out a IR control solution

    Perhaps all the CONS could be dowon to some sort of PVR type solution, again, if anyone has any experience I would appreciate it.

    Don’t want to go for an Imac for a couple of reasons, including price etc.


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