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Thread: Loxone Virtual Output XML Template Library

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    Default Loxone Virtual Output XML Template Library

    While the Loxone system is not aimed at automating home cinemas, it is able to control external AV components via IP using its VIRTUAL OUTPUT facility.

    However the choice of built in templates is poor, for example its surprising that there's no Sony TV template. After some research today there's great IP control available for Sony's and even just adding the ability to switch off the TVs in the house with the triple click Night Mode thing would be useful.

    I did find a Sony TV template online here but it would be much better for these to be included with Config, or at least for Loxone to offer the facility to start building a database of these 'drivers'. I'm sure partners would be willing to upload and share the ones they've created in return for access to those from others.

    Here's the template choice currently in v10.3.11.27 (including the Sony TV item imported from the link above)...

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