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Thread: HR92/T87RF2033 "No Sync" Issue

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    Default HR92/T87RF2033 "No Sync" Issue

    Morning all,

    I've cracked the heating back on this morning, and the HR92 in my office is displaying "no sync". This room has a T87RF2033 controlling the temp and a HR92 on the rad.

    I've taken the HR92 into the room where the controller is and tried to force a sync, but its not done anything. The T87RF2033 has the wireless symbol permanently displayed. Is this saying the sync issue is with the T87RF2033 rather than the HR92?

    Nothing has changed in the system set up in the last couple of weeks from when the heating was turned off, and there haven't been any furniture movements etc that could have caused an obstruction. Apologies, I know there have been topics on sync issues previously, but I couldn't find on with this combination of controllers.

    Am I going to have to delete and rebind the devices?

    Update: Now it is displaying a comms fault...

    Update 2: I've cleared all the bindings and rebound the components, which has fixed the issue. Would still be interested on hearing peoples thoughts in case it crops up again.


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