Hello all,

I hope everyone is well?

So, with great thanks to this forum I have today taken delivery of my Evohome kit:
Evohome Controller
Table Top Stand
2x BDR91's
Hot Water Kit with sensor
8x HR92
8x HR91

My current heating system is made up of:
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 624 System.
VR81 on the landing UPSTAIRS
VR61 in landing cupboard
Albion 210 Hot water store with temperature probe running straight to the boiler. GAS ONLY, the Electric heating element is not connected.
3 Honeywell zone valves all hard wired into my VR61.
230V = Mains in from fused spur feed back out VIA 5 core flex to boiler 2 core (grey and black) feed from BUS
LP/ZP = DHW Cylinder Honeywell Zone Valve
HK1-P = Heating Zone 1 (Down S) Honeywell Zone Valve
HK2-P = Heating Zone 2 (Up S) Honeywell Zone Valve
BUS = VR81, RF Receiver from outdoor weather comp / 470F & two cores to boiler

I will be hooking up all 12 Zones with 2 rooms having two rads and DHW, currently no UFH is needed.

So i am now stuck at the first hurdle, where do i even start... I thought it was going to be pretty straight forward by all accounts. My Brother is Gas safe reg and will check my boiler once i have completed and all wiring is in place (however i am an ex spark)

I am fully aware that OpenTherm is not an option and i dont want to get the VR33 to make it so.

This was my understanding:
1) remove eBus cables and connect to BDR91
2) DHW 2port valve to be removed from VR62 and connected to BDR91
3) Manually override / lock open Up and Down 2 port valves
4) Setup and live happily ever after.

But i have much more going on here and im lost.

Can anyone please help me out? - before anyone suggests i get in a "Professional" to do this work, i have tried, 3 heating engineers, 1 didnt even know what modulation was and the other 2 had less of a clue on Evohome than me.

Many thanks to all.