I bought three of these iWalldock ipad mini wall holders for my new house, but in the end only used one. They were stupidly expensive ($200 each plus postage from the US which became around 200 total each) and in reality are just a bit of white plastic. I was amazed I couldn't find a cheaper or more local solution - however much I tried.

However the one I mounted actually looks really good on the wall. It is recessed into the wall, and I ran a power supply behind it so it never needs to move. For the right person it's a great solution. We use it to control the Rako lights and curtains, and the Sonos music. We just didn't need that in the other two rooms in the end.

These are matte white, and sized for an ipad mini 1, 2, or 3.

I'm not looking for anywhere near 200 each (!) for them, but if someone wants to make me a senisble offer for one or both I'm happy to post out.