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Thread: evohome setting up in stages

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    Default evohome setting up in stages

    Hi Ive been buying the evohome components as I can afford them. I now have the 'Connected thermostat pack', 1 x ATC 928 and 1 x BDR 91. I also have 8 of the HR92 valves. My question is can I install these components as the first stage in a full Evohome system, and control the opening and closing of the valves ? All advice appreciated!

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    It all depends on how many valves you have that need opening. If I just had these parts, I would use the BDR91 as Boiler control, in parallel to whatever you have currently firing the boiler to deal with the HW. Then lock the CH valve open. Add the HR92 to all the radiators. This will mean that any radiators without a HR92 will get hot when the HW or CH is ON.

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