I have a friend who has Honeywell security and Heating. Of late he found he cannot access the security side from his app. Heating is OK. He has done the usual route of deleting the app and reloading. He has tried and better tried to get a response from Honeywell Support, but getting though is not easy and he finds the assistance unsupportive. All he has managed to get when he got through talked to a human was that there is a fault at Honeywell's end but no further explanation about it being rectified. It is a few weeks now. I suggested he deletes his account and re registers but on one of the few occasions he got through on the telephone he was advised not to do that. He can't either get in to delete anyway.

I have looked up the contact data to get an address for him to write to the Chairman and he will do that but does anybody here know who to contact at Resideo or Honeywell that will produce a response?

He finds the customer service from Honeywell appalling which disappoints him because as an electrical engineer in his professional life he always had good dealings with Honeywell. But that was not the domestic market.

Incidentally the contact address for Resideo comes out as a company called Ademco1 Limited which, according to Companies House has not filed its accounts!

If anybody knows a way to get though please advise!