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Thread: What is the latest build of Cortex?

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    Default What is the latest build of Cortex?

    Hi all,

    Seems to be quite quiet on here these days ...

    Any way, as per usual I managed to screw something up setting up my backups so had to go back to an older versio of the DB but it's not the end of the world. Annoying ... yes, but not the end of the world.
    In any case, as I was updating the machine running Cortex, I noticed that the versio I'm using is W10.0.6 and hasn't been updated since September 2018. I was wondering if this was the case or if my updates are not working. I ran the update tool and it said that my W10.0.6 was the latest. Is everyone on W10.0.6?


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    10.0.6 is the latest public release of CortexW10 but there have been numerous development updates since then (latest just a couple of days ago). You can try a devlopment update if you want to see if it fixes something you may have an immediate problem with, but should be releasing the consolidated public update shortly.

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