Been a while since posting - of course because everything is working well! Or was...

My install has 2 rooms running as multiple HR92s controlled by a dt92 temperature sensor - works great, no problems on a day-to-day basis.

However, a year or so ago, I would occasionally get multiple room phantom overrides and the system would go into meltdown. Invariably the Living Room dt92 would be found with a blank display. I decided this unit must be faulty and bought a replacement. All has been good since then. I even found the spring clip fix mentioned on the forum and got the faulty dt92 back into a decently reliable state (and put it away in a spares box).

Over the past few weeks the dt92 in the kitchen has now started this ridiculous behaviour - I'll get a flood of phantom overrides, loads of zones will end up over-heating, and there, in the kitchen, the dt92 will have become an ex-dt92 with no display. The last time this happened I even had an error message on the EvoHome controller about battery level low on the temperature sensor in the kitchen - it wasn't and isn't - batteries were replaced a month or so ago and are perfectly fine. Taking off the front cover and simply spinning the batteries gets it all running again.

Any ideas on a reliable fix? I suspect it's those darned battery connections with spring clips on to the controller board, but hard to understand why that would be happening - two dt92s have suffered, neither of them have had recent battery changes, both are solidly wall mounted, there is no movement that would trigger this. Is it worth trying to solder stuff?

It honestly wouldn't be a massive problem if it wasn't for the fact that as the dt92 dies, it takes out half the heating system and leaves me with a gas boiler running away in the middle of the night in summer....

To add another level of cr!pness, I just had one of the hr92's signal a communication failure in the kitchen - went to the unit and found it's display was off. Had to swap out batteries on that to get it started again and then found when fitting it that the lightest of finger pressure to the side of the display will cause it to turn off. It's in a well shielded location, has never been knocked in it's life.